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Music - Soundtrack Of The Series

One of the elements which adds so much to FOTSW is the music used on the show. The soundtrack on each episode is delightfully evocative of the era the series is set in. It has been said that certain tracks, particularly, I think, in the first series, were from a much earlier time period than the late 1930's, but in my opinion, it's not as glaring an anachronism as it would be with say, a production set in the late 80's using music from the 70's, so I think it's a small quibble in the scheme of things!

The music is often remarked upon - usually people wanting to identify some of the songs. I had always wanted to put the collection of music from the series together and I think I’ve done a good job locating them all (except one - the record being played at the dance in the pilot episode before Goodnight Sweetheart). If anyone can help with missing information or correct any mistakes, please feel free to message me on the contact section of this site. I hope you all enjoy what I've found in the meantime. You can find the title song Sweet And Lovely sung by the glorious Al Bowlly, on the list of music for Youth Wanted as it was also used on the end credits of that episode. Some tracks were used more than once in the series.

N.B: Please bear in mind these are old recordings so expect the odd crackly vinyl sound. Also, the volume of the tracks isn't uniform so some are louder than others - adjust levels accordingly, especially if you're listening on headphones!

I'm pretty sure the latest copyright laws mean it's fine for me to use any music published over seventy years ago (all of these are a little older than that), but, just in case, I will state that none of these tracks belong to me, neither am I profiting from the use of them on this site. If there is any kind of problem, please get in touch.

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